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Frustrated with a lack of results? Here's the answer.
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Tips for menopause, stubborn bodyfat, joint pain and more!
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Steve Jennings:

“If it’s not working then you need to do something completely different.”


Steve Jennings is a very experienced, professional and highly reputable Holistic Health Practitioner.  His passion is helping people who have tried everything else (conventional medicine, alternative healthcare options, physical training) and still struggle to achieve their desired results.


This isn’t just another diet plan or exercise routine.   Holistic healthcare treats the whole body (not just symptoms). By factoring in mental, social, physical and environmental influences Steve has created an individualised, comprehensive and holistic focussed health programme utilising the latest scientific research to target common health issues such as menopause, weight gain, underactive/overactive thyroid, joint pain and mental health.


Steve Jennings will help you smash through your barriers and achieve your goals long term.


Reset Programmes:

Steve’s Reset Programmes provide alternative holistic health coaching in either a 121 or group format.   Each Reset Programme differs depending on your specific requirements – click the Reset Programmes tab above for the current options on offer to you.


Do you suffer from?

  • Menopause side effects.
  • Stubborn body fat or weight gain.
  • Sleep issues and/or insomnia.
  • Gut issues (reflux/bloating/indigestion).
  • Depression and/or anxiety.
  • Unresolved joint aches and pains.
  • Arthritis and other inflammation issues.
  • Autoimmune conditions (thyroid issues/fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue).


Steve can help you right now! Thousands of people worldwide have resolved their health issues by engaging with his tailored, 100% natural programme and unique, friendly coaching style.


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Do you want exercise in a motivational and group-based setting? Our 6-week fitness gym classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and health levels (age 14+) where Steve will coach groups of focussed, like-minded individuals through fitness gym sessions.   Take the class at your own pace concentrating on your level of fitness and ability, but most of all, have fun!


Steve’s fitness gym classes incorporate various activities including bodyweight exercises, weight training, boxing and kickboxing and they also provide low impact mobility/core work right through to high intensity training.


His 6-week programme includes fitness classes, a 121 holistic health coaching session, meal plan, recipes, grocery list and regular measurements.   It will provide you with plenty of variety and stimulation and you will see great results, fast.


Next Tauranga session begins:         October 25 2020 (click here for details)

Next online Zoom session begins:    TBC

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Using a 100% natural approach, Steve has helped hundreds of people with common health conditions.

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