Welcome to Heidi Jennings’ exciting new ‘Back To School 14 Day Plant-Based Challenge!

Here is your opportunity to be introduced to a wonderful new lifestyle in a way that is easy, sustainable, supportive and fun! The kids are back at school and now is the perfect time to focus on you and your health before summer arrives!

The ‘Plant-Based’ way of life is gaining momentum, and for very good reason. Once people transition over to a way of eating that incorporates whole, fresh, nutrient-dense foods and they start feeling the physical and mental benefits, there is no looking back. Quite simply, it’s a fantastic way to live and we want you to feel this way too.

Are you feeling stuck? Are you tired and lacking energy? Do you have physical pain and inflammation in the body? Menopause symptoms? Depression or anxiety? Stubborn bodyfat that won’t shift no matter what you do? Autoimmune symptoms that are affecting your quality of life?

The nutrition that you feed your body is a central pillar that supports your ability to heal. Your food is your medicine. 

This is not just a plant based meal programme. This holistic plan addresses the five pillars of normal healthy function – Nutrition – Exercise – Sleep – Gut Function (digestion, absorption and elimination) – and The Root Cause Of Your Stress.

This is where this plan has an advantage over plant based meal plans that only look at one aspect of your health. Without addressing the other four pillars of regular daily function, you can miss an essential piece of your health puzzle.

The health & fitness industry is saturated with trends, buzzwords and image.

And that is not what I have instore for you. It wasn’t long ago that I was chronically ill, stuck in bed with debilitating vertigo, a rash that covered my body, depression and anxiety. It took me the better part of 2 years to really start to heal, and a plant-based diet was one of those keys to healing. My journey wasn’t based on trends and fake news. I had to work through this without my doctor’s help. Now I am a plant-based health coach, I have developed an effective and easy-to-follow programme, and my purpose is to help people like you heal and recover from common health issues that medication doesn’t fix.

Sheree Is Sleeping Through The Night, Her Energy Is Back And She’s Lost 5kgs In Just 14 Days!

“Hi Heidi, just wanting to share my amazing experiences with you. 14-days of plant based eating today, 5kg weight loss to date, while I still have some way to go with my weight, I am starting to feel good about myself again and smiling a lot more. My energy levels are high, I suffered fatigue on the daily and reached for energy drinks to get me through my bad days and now the 2-3pm daily slump is a thing of the past. It has been 14-days of no energy drinks and no desire or need for one!!

My mind is so much clearer with less brain fog. Last night for the first time in like … forever, I slept through the night until 5.30am!! I couldn’t believe it was the morning, when I checked the time I thought it would be the usual 1-2am wake up followed by a wakeful period! I got out of bed with a skip in my step today.

I love the food on your menu and I haven’t had any cravings for coca-cola at all, which is an absolute first!! Writing this now, I am seeing how far I have come in such a short space of time!! I love food and sometimes my brain does get a little overactive thinking about some foods from my pre-plant based journey but overall I’m so proud of myself and how far I’ve come in 14-days. My husband reminded me tonight this is the longest I’ve ever stuck to an eating plan (3-days was my max). I am learning so much about the impacts of food on my body and health, no upset tummy from the dairy, no bloating … and little to no farting!”

Migraines Gone, Anxiety On The Decline, And Four Kilos Gone In Just 14 Days!

“Before starting Heidi’s programme I was dealing with a whole raft of health issues. Some stressful life events had led me down the path of over-eating, not sleeping well, dealing with chronic anxiety and I was also suffering from daily headaches which occasionally turned into severe migraines.. I had very little energy and was struggling in general with my health. I decided that trying a plant-based programme might be the thing I needed to kickstart some better habits and start addressing my health problems. Within the first two weeks of starting the programme, I had a stressful event occur, but I was able to deal with it so much more effectively than in the past. I stuck to my eating plan, which helped balance my emotions and meant I could move forward in a positive frame of mind. My migraines disappeared, I had much more energy, and my anxiety significantly lessened. The meals were easy and tasty and by the end of two weeks I had lost 4kg! I would highly recommend Heidi’s programme to anyone needing to take control of their physical and mental health!”  Lauren, 38

What You Get:

  • 14 days of plant-based meal plans, grocery lists and recipes that are easy to prepare, and easy to fit to the family’s taste buds. Enjoy foods such as curries, fruit smoothies, and roast vegetable salads.
  • An introductory group zoom coaching session before the challenge kicks off. Heidi will run you through the essential five pillars of functional wellbeing that need to be addressed to help you get the best results.
  • 2 additional zoom coaching sessions (1 per week) to help keep you on accountable and on track.
  • 14 daily emails to keep you connected and invested in the programme, with additional information about the plant-based lifestyle.
  • Access to a private Facebook support forum where you can ask questions and share your progress.

Once you have made your payment, your material is ready for immediate download. This will give you a few days to get your groceries organised to start the challenge on Monday 19 October. The first group zoom coaching session will be held via Zoom on Sunday, 18 October at 7.30pm.  The challenge will end on Sunday, 1st November. Here’s your opportunity to kick start your way to a healthier body and mind, just in time to welcome in the warmer weather!

If you’ve had enough of feeling like you do now, and are ready for a change, sign up today for the super low cost of $149.  Be quick though because there are only 10 slots available!

Are you stuck on medication to help you manage your stress, anxiety or depression?

Do you suffer unwanted side effects from taking medication such as stubborn bodyfat?

Is getting a good night’s sleep difficult for you?

Do you crave caffeine, sugar or carbs often?

Finally, my most important question to you is this:

Do you want to find out how you can naturally stabilise your hormones and take control of your life and mental health again while you eat more fruits & vegetables?

Join me on this 14 day challenge for the low cost of just $149.00. I promise you it will be worth it! But be quick, because I only have space for 10 people. Just click below to download your material and get started!

This Is What You Can Expect From The Reset Programme with a 90% Success Rate:

  • An easy to follow, flexible meal plan suitable for vegans, vegetarians or those that just want to reduce animal protein.
  • A sustainable lifestyle plan to help you break free from yoyo diets and mainstream trends.
  • Weekly coaching to guide you through the process step by step.
  • No expensive meal replacements or protein powders required.
  • Lose stubborn bodyfat by focusing on healing the body first and foremost.
  • Control blood sugars levels and cravings.
  • Feel great in clothes and restore your confidence
  • Achieve extra benefits such as reduction of joint pain, menopause symptoms, restore deep restful sleep and clear up gut issues or skin conditions.