Do you know you can prevent, control and reverse chronic illness and disease with something that we have access to every single day?

Do you ever wonder why we have such advanced medical research and technology, yet such a sick population?

Here’s the secret……our number one tool for optimal health is right within our grasp.

Let me explain.

Modern medicine diagnoses symptoms and treats these symptoms with medication. Pills and potions are dispensed like candy by doctors, yet these medications are essentially just a band-aid solution. Sure, you might get pain relief, or a lower cholesterol reading, but this approach doesn’t address the root cause of where the pain is coming from or why your cholesterol is high to begin with. What modern medicine fails to acknowledge, is that we should be taking a ‘wholistic’ view of our health – that is, where all parts of the body, and what we put into our body works together, not in isolation.

Let’s use an orchestra as an example. Each instrument doesn’t play on its own.  They all come together, in the right place, at the right time, with the help of a conductor, to create a beautiful symphony.

Our bodies are the same.  Our ‘instruments’ –  for example our organs, muscles, hormones, circulatory and central nervous systems work together to create harmony in the body.  But we still need a conductor to make sure everything happens when and as it should – and this conductor is nutrition.  Without the correct nutrition (vitamins, minerals and nutrients), our bodies get out of rhythm, they lose tempo, and maintaining harmony becomes impossible. Medicating disharmony in the body is like wrapping cellotape around a broken string on a violin – it temporarily covers up the break but essentially the string is still broken.  In other words, even if we take medication, underneath it all, we are still sick.

The big question on my clients’ minds is, how can I be well again?

Many clients come to me feeling discouraged and stuck.  Many have ventured down the path of conventional medicine and been given those pills and potions to treat symptoms, but are still left battling the root cause of their problem.  Many feel disillusioned and depressed because they have lost their quality of life, and they desperately want it back.  I know all too well what that’s like because I have been there.  I understand the struggle and despair of chronic illness and I empathise with those who are deep in the trenches of poor health.

It was only through my own broken strings (ill health), that I was able to understand how well-cared for instruments (internal processes in the body), with the help of the right conductor (correct nutrition) can orchestrate a symphony (fantastic and vibrant health).

It took me years of personal experience, followed by formal study to reach this state of health I was striving for, and now I want to share my expertise with you.

Within my 42 Day Plant-Based Reset Programme, you’ll find step-by-step resources, along with an informative coaching manual, to help guide you towards reclaiming your health and vitality.

Here’s what you’re going to get in the 42 Day Programme

  • A comprehensive coaching manual outlining the fundamentals of plant-based nutrition and the steps required to reach optimal health.
  • Seven one-on-one personalised coaching sessions over six weeks.
  • Meal plans, grocery lists and recipes for six weeks
  • Daily emails over six weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook support forum.

If you are ready to experience fantastic health, then click the button below to get immediate access to the 42 Day Plant-Based Reset Programme today.

Today, you can take your first step on the path towards vibrant health, or you can continue to experience the pain and frustration of poor health.

But there is a cost of inaction:

  • You continue to live with the illness or condition that is destroying your quality of life
  • You face the risk of further deterioration of your health over time
  • Poor health ensures your visions, hopes and dreams for your future remain out of reach
  • You continue your one and only life living in frustration and despair

My natural program has a 90% success rate and today is an investment of just $495.00 for my six week coaching program.

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