If you have an emotional eating problem, don’t focus on the new “diet trend” or the new wave of “functional exercise” to solve your problem. Your objective is to be honest and true to yourself at all times, identify the root cause of your stress and address that stress. I work with relationship issues often, and 80% of the time they are easily rectified.

“Hey Steve! Thanks for the tips on how to work things out with my Husband – it really worked! Things are far more calmer in the house now, far more relaxed and I’m on top of things again.” L.

“Steve, as you know I had fear about sitting down with hubby and talking things out. But your strategy around how to deliver my message really worked. He was really open to my suggestions, now I’m sleeping again and we are both on the same page. Now I’m ready to start on the weightloss!” S.

“At 60 years old I dropped 25kgs in just 16 weeks, and I’m easily maintaining!” Brian
"I lost 15kgs, and maintained my results for over three years" Rebecca (50's)
"I've dropped 13kgs and kept it off for over 15 months" Kerri

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