Discover How To Resolve Joint Pain And Arthritis For Good So You Can Live Pain Free Using A 100% Natural System and get back to being active again.

Do you know you can remove your own soft tissue pain and arthritis and be free of using medication by using little known natural pain relief solutions?
Do you ever wonder if your joint pain or arthritis is just a sign of old age, genetics or if there is another cause that is undiscovered?

Here’s the problem……our mainstream overwhelmed health system is focused on using medication to address the symptoms – not the underlying cause of the pain.
But when you address the root cause of the issue, only then can you start to uncover the reason why you have a problem in the first place. And when you implement the solution, the body can start to heal, resulting in less pain & inflammation.
If you don’t address the root cause of the joint pain & arthritis, then problems in the body begin to spread, leading to other symptoms that may require more medication. The longer this situation goes on, the longer it takes to heal.

Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars following the mainstream advice without results?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is an amazing breakthrough that you have been looking for. And I figure that if you can reverse these problems that you are stuck with, that would feel like seismic shift in your life.

Just look at Tauranga mum Alice’s breakthrough in 2020

“For seven years I suffered from monthly migraines – the last one had caused me to sleep for 24 hours. I spent over $5000.00 on Doctors, physio’s, Osteo’s and various health professionals that gave me little results, and no resolve. Steve’s approach was completely natural, alternative and holistic. Since starting Steve’s plan I have not had one migraine nor have I needed any medications in the past 5 months!

Thank you does not say enough!

Alice Woods”

My name is Steve Jennings and I’m an Alternative Holistic Health Coach with over 16 years experience in the health industry.

If you are frustrated right now with unresolved joint pain & inflammation, you’re not alone.

Like many of you reading this, I have practiced the latest scientific evidence only to have that science change time and time again. I’ve looked at trends come and go. Low fat diets v high fat diets, keto diets, vegetarianism, fasting, veganism, paleo diets and High intensity training.

Like you, I have been left frustrated by the so-called experts chopping and changing the scientific evidence and creating new fads that leave people confused.

I found that the trends worked for some people and didn’t work for others. And when those trends don’t work for some people, they can be left out in the cold with no answer as to why they cannot fix the health issues that have plagued them for so long.

You Don’t Have To Suffer Unresolved Pain And Spend Copious Amounts Of Money On Fixes That Don’t Work. You Do However, Need To Do Something Different, Otherwise NOTHING Will Change.

The question I am often asked is, “how can I relieve this pain quickly without medication and what do I have to do to achieve this?”

Many clients come to me having been frustrated for years, with no resolve for this joint pain & inflammation, that may be getting worse. They are overtired because they don’t sleep because of the pain. They might be grumpy, so their relationship might suffer too. They might be sceptical whether I can help. Overall, their quality of life is slowly decreasing, and they can see this happening before their eyes.

I’ve been working in the health industry full time for the past 16 years – that’s over 10,000 coaching sessions.

    • Certified Nutrition Practitioner
    • FITSAF Certified Trainer
    • Certified Specialist Coach For 55+ Populations
    • Certified Functional Movement Screen Practitioner

The big shift in my coaching came with my personal experience of looking after my mother with chronic fatigue syndrome and my wife’s health battles, both which contributed to significant joint pain and lead me on a path of alternative therapy. In both of my wife & mothers health journeys, I was the main caregiver.

Our mainstream health service did not provide a reason for these health issues. And without a reason, there is no solution provided, and so my Wife and mother suffered greatly for a number of years. It was only through alternative health pathways that we could find a solution.

It took me 16 years to wade through the misinformation and formulate this 100% natural joint pain & arthritis solution programme, and after perfecting the programme, It’s ready to share with you as an individual.

Trevor (73) – “My sleep was poor and I struggled with back pain. I was going up the mount three times per week and still couldn’t lose weight even though I didn’t think my diet was that bad. After six weeks, I’ve lost 8kgs, my back pain and my sleep have really improved and I’m hoping to come off my blood pressure meds too!”

Eric – After 14 days my sleep improved, my back pain reduced by about 70% and I’ve lost 7kgs so far!

Clare – “My first seven days has been amazing…I’ve been walking without pain – for the first time in 18 months. The eating plan’s easy to follow and I’ve lost 3.4kgs. I’ve had Edema in one of my legs for the past 4 months. After the first 4 days on Steve’s plan, the swelling disappeared – My Osteo was blown away!” 

John – “I was at a stage of my life that my weight was getting me down –  a little depressed nothing seemed to fit me and i was always uncomfortable. It was not from a lack of exercise either – I was going to aqua aerobics 3-4 times a week  and averaging around 15km on my e-bike a day.  I was not tired just generally depressed with how i looked, my daughter picked up on my attitude and offered to help. She had just completed one of  Steve’s programmes and done extremely well losing 8kgs in the space of just a couple of weeks.

I am 77 years old and have been retired for 12 years and have always been active but for most of my life never went to bed before midnight and I always read on my iPad before I went to sleep.

There are plenty of diets on facebook but the proof was knowing someone who had living results and kept the weight off after the few simple changes to your lifestyle.

I lost 11kgs in just four weeks and my swollen big toe joints like Gout have gone completely and I have far more flexible congestion in the mornings. My nose was blocked in the evening & could hardly breathe through my nose – this has all cleared up.  Generally I feel so much better in myself and can wear a belt to hold my trousers up. The buckle dug into my stomach before and was most uncomfortable, but not a problem now. Steve, I would like thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge you certainly have hit a formula that works!  Cheers John”

Now you can find a root cause for your problem, and a natural solution to remove pain for good. Inside the Joint Pain & Arthritis Solutions Programme, you’ll find the steps you need to follow

The 42 Day Reset Programme Includes

Seven One on One Coaching Sessions (One per Week) – this can be done across the phone, skype or face to face in the comfort of your own home. I’m going to personalise the programme to suit your needs and budget. This includes addressing anything from anxiety & depression, to gut & joint issues, to insomnia and stubborn bodyfat (or other health issues).

42 Days Of Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists –

    • Fruit & vegetable based plans with small amount of animal protein (vegetarian & vegan friendly options)
    • Dairy & gluten free options
    • Sustainable eating plan that is flexible and can fit in with the family
    • Perfect for people on a budget – the eating plan can be as little as just $15.00 to $17.00 per day for an adult.

Daily Emails – These emails will help to keep you focused and on track with extra breakthrough information between our one to one coaching calls.

Extensive Manual – This is a handbook to help the breakthrough information sink in. Inside –

    • You’ll learn why you need to eat carbs at night
    • Why fruit is essential to heal the body
    • What “health foods” are actually preventing you from healing
    • The two body functions that must be functioning properly to heal
    • The exercise you should be focusing on based on your current stress level

Private Facebook Coaching Group – This is an optional group for facebook users where you can share your progress and connect with me between phone calls if need be.

    • Includes expert coaching videos
    • Regular group check ins
    • Three exercise videos per week streamed live  – includes low impact workout options that can be followed at home.

This Breakthrough Programme Has A 90% Success Rate. Just Look At Some Of The Results!

“I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I suffered 2 to 3 headaches per week which I took meds for and I had stubborn bodyfat. I also lost 6kgs on this program, my fatigue is improving and my headaches are far less severe and less frequent. Anyone who has an autoimmune condition should do this program!” Jo Brumby

“I have suffered arthritis in my hands and been stuck on reflux medication for 12 years. After just 14 days on Steve’s programme, my reflux and my arthritis has simply disappeared!” John Donald (70’s)

“I used to suffer pain in both knees and used painkillers for relief. After switching to Steve’s approach I removed my pain in as little as a couple of weeks and did not need the meds anymore. I’ve learnt how my nutrition & overall lifestyle is affecting my pain and I now know how to manage it on my own.” Rachel Allen

“I have suffered from arthritis in both knees since I was 19 years old. I thought that living with pain was going to be for the rest of my life. Steve talked a lot about the inflammation relation to my diet and also we considered how stress can manifest in the body. In my first week of following his advice, and for the first time in 13 years, I started to wake up with no pain in my knees. When I told my dad, he burst in to tears!” Simone Graham

If you’re stuck, you don’t keep doing what you’re doing, you need to do something different!

25kgs Gone in 7 Months
10kgs Gone in 12 Weeks
"I've dropped 13kgs and kept it off for over 15 months" Kerri

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn With The Reset Programme – Be Prepared To Go Against Almost Everything You’ve Been Told.

Why you need to eat carbohydrates at night (and why you won’t get fat)
Why fruit fear is a myth and why it’s essential to your healing
Why fasting and high impact exercise is NOT suitable for everyone, even though the health industry tells you so!
How to learn to listen to what your body language is actually telling you
The underlying cause of inflammation in your body that is left undiscovered
Why certain “health” foods are actually contributing to more inflammation in your body and keeping you sick
How to remove insomnia
How to overcome the root cause of unresolved emotional stress
What key organs you need to fuel for healing and what type of foods they love
What key supplements are essential for healing
How to improve your digestive system so you can absorb nutrients more efficiently and start the healing process

It’s As Much About Health As It Is About Financial Independence.

Are you worried about finances? If you improved your health and increased your working life span by 5 years or 10 years, how much is this worth to you? Let’s say you were earning $80,000 per year, multiply this by 5 years and that equals $400,000 of income that you can almost guarantee if you stay in good health.

This plan is not just about achieving meaningful results – it’s about helping you maintain your independence, and your ability to work and stabilise your income by removing health barriers that could see you lose your job.

How much money have you spent on your health using supplements, gym memberships, Doctors, Physios, chiropractors or medications without resolving your problem? $1,500.00? $5,000.00? $10,000 or more?

If they have not worked, are you ready to try something different, or keep paying out for the same disappointment?

What is it worth to you if you stabilise your relationship and strengthen your marriage? 50% of your assets? $500,000.00? $1000,000.00 or more?

When you implement new ways of dealing with the root cause of your stress, you create an illuminated pathway of opportunities that create a strong bond between you and your partner. 80% of the relationship issues I work with are stress related. Again, when you remove the stress, the relationship is stronger.

Will your quality of life be at least ten times better if you lose stubborn weight, wake up feeling refreshed, remove health issues (like arthritis, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, depression, anxiety, bloating, reflux etc) joint pain or back pain, menopause symptoms and solve the root cause of your stress?

I am being completely honest here. My programme is extremely unique, and that is why I achieve extraordinary results. I believe this six week coaching programme is worth $1,000.00 to the average person who is stuck with health issues, has spent thousands of dollars on programs or medications that didn’t work and didn’t solve the root cause of your issue.

But $1,000.00 is nowhere near what you’ll pay – I want you to access this for yourself.

My natural program has a 90% success rate and today is an investment of just $495.00 for my six week coaching program.

You’ve seen the evidence. You know the plan works. If you are sick and tired of being frustrated, this is your opportunity to do something about it.

Time will come and go. You cannot get that time back. Live your life and be freed from common health issues.

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