Prevent High Stress, Anxiety & Depression From Taking Over Your Life And Impacting Your Work And Relationships – Here’s How To Achieve Noticeable Results In As Little As Seven Days, With A 100% Natural Approach

Steve Jennings, Holistic Health Coach

Most of our western culture simply throws medication at these problems. But you need to know that to solve depression, anxiety & high stress, you need to adjust your overall lifestyle. This means looking at your food, sleep, the root cause of your stress, the type of exercise you are doing and your gut function.

My name is Steve Jennings and I have over 10,000 coaching sessions and over 16 years experience in the health & fitness industry and I have a 90% success rate reducing high stress, depression and anxiety with my mental health reset programme.

Everyone who suffers from mental health issues must make necessary lifestyle adjustments to improve their immune system and to stabilise their moods not only for their own sake but for the benefit of their close relationships too.

Mission Statement: To transform the lives of 500,000 people around the world with sustainable life changing results. This means they can increase their independence, increase their financial security, and live out their retirement vision.

Look at the lifechanging results Mara achieved

“When I started Steve’s programme back in Jan 2019, I had depression, insomnia, bloating, and was irritable with everyone around me.
I was taking 2 tablets of anti-depressants daily and couldn’t see a way out of it. Of course, because of my depression and unhappiness I piled on lots of weight – to be exact I sat around 80kg at the time. I have learnt a valuable lesson with Steve. We will start losing weight and understand our body’s needs only when we are ready to deal with the “root cause” of our problems. I had started the program in January but did not start losing weight until April when I decided that it was time to be brave and take control of my life, in other words to look for my happiness again. It was very sad to end up 11 years of marriage, especially because of my two precious daughters but the unhappiness was slowly killing me.
To cut a long story short I managed to lose 10kg between April and August, I have lost another 3kg to reach my weigh goal of 65kg (my lightest in 11 years!).
Since April I have stopped taking the ant-depressants that I was on, I now sleep better than I ever did and I’m extremely happy with the way I look. 
I can say that I’m happy again and because of that I’m able to make my children happy too, even though I have changed the way our lives were.
This programme is suitable for everyone that wants to live a happy, balanced life. Mara”

Look at the lifechanging results Norah achieved

“I was borderline diabetic, depressed and overwhelmed. After three months on Steve’s program I am now sleeping through the night, I’m running again, losing weight, and my doctor wants to know what I’ve been doing. He’s only known a few people in his whole career who have actually turned it around!” Norah, 50’s (Ireland)

Are you stuck on medication? Has this dosage increased throughout the years to help you cope with your stress, anxiety or depression? Do you suffer side effects of taking medication like stubborn bodyfat? Do you struggle with sleep? Do you crave caffeine, sugar or carbs often? Are you interested to find out how you can naturally and easily stabilise your hormones to help you take control of your life again?

Here’s the trick. You need to understand two things to start with.

1. That your current lifestyle is contributing to your depression, anxiety & high stress.
2. That you are absolutely in control of your health, you just need to know what to do and which areas of your life need adjusting.

While our medical system is all about helping people and have the best intentions, Doctors do not necessarily spend time with you to coach you through a natural lifestyle change with a holistic approach. My job is to help you reduce your medication (under your doctors guidance) by facilitating a natural holistic programme that addresses those five key areas I mentioned earlier – stress, sleep, nutrition, gut function and exercise. When you stabilise your mental health, you increase your ability to work and earn more money, and live out your retirement vision.

If these areas are not addressed, you may find yourself relying on more and more medication as the years go by with no solution to achieve your desired outcome. Medication is simply acting as a bandaid.

As a young boy, I knew what it was like to experience high stress and anxiety, and a feeling of helplessness. We have had mental health issues in my own family and my own Brother committed suicide in 2008. I’ve I have had to let go of personal anger and bitterness that I held onto for over 20 years. It’s overcoming these experiences that have provided me a unique coaching angle that I use to compliment my professional approach to mental health.

Learn To Manage Your Stress, Reduce Depression and Anxiety For Good With The Mental Health Reset Programme

Now I want you to achieve health independence and financial security in your retirement.
Inside the mental health reset programme we’ll cover the five key areas that you need to focus on to break free of anxiety, depression and high stress.
During our weekly personal coaching with me, I’m going to personalise the programme to fit your needs, your budget and empower you by arming you with the skills to regain control of your life. Here’s what we are going to cover:

Addressing The Root Cause Of Your Stress
• Identify the key emotional triggers in your life
• Learn how to empower yourself in workplace bully situations
• Learn the key trick to overcome historical stress issues
• Understand how the wrong food in your diet creates a stress response in your body and    impacts your mental well being
• Find out how to create boundaries for toxic people

• Identify the real foods that promote healing
• The foods that boost your natural anti-depressant
• Learn the key trick I personally developed to sustain your results
• Learn what foods boost your moods
• Why you must avoid high fat diets to get long term healing
• Find out why fasting is not a great technique for highly stressed people

• Access to over 300 at home workout videos to follow along with including low impact         mobility and core work exercises
• Find out correct exercise you need to do to allow the body to heal
• Learn why the exercise you may be doing right now is preventing you from healing

Gut Health
• Learn what to have each day to raise digestion and absorption
• How to reduce common issues like bloating, reflux, constipation and stomach cramps
• Learn how to raise the detox function of the liver to eliminate excess stress hormones
• The supplements that can help boost your recovery quickly
• Find out the first thing to do each day to reduce acid in the blood

• Learn the complete sleep routine you need to follow to restore deep restful sleep
• Explore how to switch off stress hormones that keep you awake
• Find out why sleep is the most important factor to your recovery

Here’s what you get in the mental health reset programme:
• Seven one on one coaching sessions with me
• 42 Days of follow along meal plans the whole family will enjoy
• Three recipe ebooks for easy to follow directions
• Grocery lists to help keep your shopping easy
• Private facebook support group complete with workout videos, coaching videos and group challenges
• Daily educational emails to help you keep on track

If you are committed to securing your vision for the life you want, and you are ready to invest in your health and financial security, then sign up for a free consultation now to get access to my Mental Health Reset Programme.

She almost quit before she started…Sandra’s story

“I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a number of years. I had trouble controlling my weight. It’s funny now, but I was so anxious about the program that I almost quit straight before my first coaching call! Steve rang me and talked into giving it a go. I’m so glad I followed through! Not only am I managing my stress, anxiety & depression so much better, but I lost over 20kgs following the plan. This is the lightest I’ve been in over 20 years, and I’ve kept my weight off for almost two years!” Sandra, 50’s

The power of emotional healing…Ash’s story

“Steve was highly recommended by a friend. I had been receiving his newsletters for 9 months before I finally signed up for the programme and can only say I wish I had done it sooner. Bloating, poor sleep, fidgety, lack of motivation, poor concentration/focus, low mood, irritability and fatigue were some of my physical symptoms along with heavy mental/emotional burden.

Within the first week on the programme I had established a good evening routine in line with Steve’s recommendations and was finally getting a proper full night sleep. This led to waking energised, improved concentration in class and increased productivity. The holistic approach was important to me in acknowledging that it is as equally important to address what I feed my mind, as well as the food that I feed my body. Each week I also started to slowly unpack the emotions and thoughts that I had allowed to limit me for far too long.

Now I have so much more energy, I’m more focused, I have more clarity, improved digestion, I feel lighter mentally and physically, once I got rid of the foods, behaviours and thinking that does not serve me and my higher purpose it made way for an abundance of opportunities that just keep on coming.

Steve’s energy, positivity, role-modelling particularly with self-care and motivational coaching style is on point.

Meal plans are easy to follow, I was never hungry, in fact struggled to eat all the meals especially in the first couple weeks. Exercise is at the level of your adrenal score so because I was at the crashed level, a daily walk with my dog was more than enough for me in order to allow my body to recover.

The weight loss was a bonus. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone looking to make a change in their lives to look no further than Steve. Thanks heaps Steve for sharing your knowledge and wisdom to inspire and encourage me to live the life I want. Ash”

“My mother actually contacted Steve to ask for help. After a family tragedy I became very depressed. I lost motivation to exercise. I had experienced some suicidal thoughts and I lacked the motivation to hang out with friends and have fun. After just seven days on Steve’s programme I had an amazing turnaround. The food was amazing. My sleep improved significantly. Steve gave me some really important tools and perspective to understand my journey better and to move forward. I am looking forward to eventually come off medication with my doctor, and I’m planning my O.E. with my mates as we speak!” Anonymous 22

“I am a busy mum and I have suffered severe anxiety and stubborn bodyfat over the past 4 years. Basically, I could suffer multiple anxiety attacks on any given day. To be honest I was sceptical of the program, but after one week I lost 4kgs, and after two weeks I had lost almost 6kgs. I had also not suffered one anxiety attack over the period of a whole week – the first time in four years!” Shelle

With a 90% Chance Of Getting Breakthrough Results, This Is What You Can Expect From The Reset Programme:

• An easy to follow flexible meal plan to fit in with the family
• A sustainable lifestyle plan that will help you break free from yoyo diets and mainstream confusion
• Weekly coaching to guide you through the process step by step
• No expensive meal replacements or protein powders
• Lose stubborn bodyfat by focussing on healing the body first & foremost
• Control blood sugars levels and cravings
• Feel great in clothes and restore your confidence
• Achieve extra benefits such as reduction of joint pain and menopause symptoms, restore deep restful sleep, clear up gut issues & skin conditions

When you reset yourself mentally, we are not looking for a quick fix or a trendy diet. This is about setting you up with a longterm sustainable routine to boost your health for life.

This is not an average run of the mill program. This is about taking control of your health to stabilise your financial aspirations and your retirement vision.

And just like you invest in your retirement and you invest in your education to fit with your longterm vision, this programme is no different and requires an investor mindset.

My question to you is this: Are you committed to investing in your health to enable your longterm vision to manifest as reality?

Think about your bucket list goals you have in mind.

Who are the people you want to spend more quality time with and develop more memories with, without having the issues of anxiety & depression and high stress get in the way?

When you stabilise your health by managing your stress better, you’ll earn more money to put towards your longterm vision. This is because when your health is better, you can work longer if you want to without mental health issues causing early unemployment.

So how much money would you earn towards your retirement goals, if you were able to work an extra five years if you wanted to? $400,000? $500,000 or more?
Would you invest $10,000? What about $5000?

You will not pay even pay $1000.00. Right now you will pay just $495.00 to invest in a longterm solution to protect your relationship, your ability to earn money and your retirement vision

If you are investment minded and you understand that this programme is about putting you back in control of your mental health, and you are committed to your longterm vision, then sign up right now for one on one coaching with me on this very special deal.

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