Steve uses a combination of science & alternative research, 16 years of business & life experience, and common sense to form a unique approach to his coaching.

Steve’s journey into health coaching started when he was 10 years old. As the youngest of five children brought up in a very poor single parent household, his mother Mum suffered chronic fatigue syndrome. With his mother bed ridden and exhausted, he became the primary caregiver.

This situation went on for a number of years, and unfortunately at 17 Steve lost his eldest brother in a mining accident in the South Island of New Zealand.

As he moved through his teens into his early 30’s, he had developed deep resentment and bitterness toward his estranged father. One morning after waking, he felt emotionally drained from the negative feelings he held against his father. “I asked myself, there must be a better way…this approach is not solving anything. So I penned a very honest letter and with a lot of practice I decided that showing forgiveness was the path forward, and we are now on more pleasant terms.”

Weeks before Steve & Heidi’s wedding, his second elder brother passed from suicide. Again Steve was drawn into a tumultuous family situation.

For many years he wrestled with a burning question of why he was he on this very trying life journey.

Almost another decade passed and in this time Heidi would suffer multiple bouts of health issues and hospital visits.

“I had this one conversation with my Mother-in-law which lead to an epiphany. One day during Heidi’s health crisis, She asked me: “How do you cope with this situation? How do stay strong and positive and keep your cool with the load you are carrying?” I replied: “I have been through this all before” and in saying that I realised that it was the adversity and stress I had faced for many years that had prepared me to be resilient and stay in control whilst on this journey as my Wifes carer.”

Steve holds a very strong philosophy about the personal journey that people face and believes the experiences you have in your life are there to help you grow stronger and wiser.

Using this combination of philosophy, practical nutrition, exercise guidance, gut healing, deep sleep restoration, and addressing the root cause of stress, Steve has created a unique, sustainable, holistic approach to restoring your health back to where it should be without following trends or get thin quick diets.

Steve Jennings


“If what you’re doing isn’t working, you don’t keep doing it, you need to try something different. This journey you are on is to make your stronger. It makes you who you are, and for some people there is a very important reason why you are on your journey.”

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Heidi Jennings

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“I know what its like to feel desperate and helpless and that no one can help in the medical system. I’ve been there. But I’ve proven that you can get your health back. My journey has been an amazing experience and I am grateful for the gift of good health and the knowledge & wisdom I can pass on to others.”

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