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Mara achieved life changing results with her depression when she made a brave decision to take back control.

“When I started Steve’s programme back in Jan 2019, I had depression, insomnia, bloating, and was irritable with everyone around me.
I was taking 2 tablets of anti-depressants daily and couldn’t see a way out of it. Of course, because of my depression and unhappiness I piled on lots of weight – to be exact I sat around 80kg at the time. I have learnt a valuable lesson with Steve. We will start losing weight and understand our body’s needs only when we are ready to deal with the “root cause” of our problems. I had started the program in January but did not start losing weight until April when I decided that it was time to be brave and take control of my life, in other words to look for my happiness again. It was very sad to end up 11 years of marriage, especially because of my two precious daughters but the unhappiness was slowly killing me.
To cut a long story short I managed to lose 10kg between April and August, I have lost another 3kg to reach my weigh goal of 65kg (my lightest in 11 years!).
Since April I have stopped taking the ant-depressants that I was on, I now sleep better than I ever did and I’m extremely happy with the way I look.
I can say that I’m happy again and because of that I’m able to make my children happy too, even though I have changed the way our lives were.
This programme is suitable for everyone that wants to live a happy, balanced life. Mara”

“At 60 years old I dropped 25kgs in just 16 weeks, and I’m easily maintaining!” Brian
"I lost 15kgs, and maintained my results for over three years" Rebecca (50's)
"I've dropped 13kgs and kept it off for over 15 months" Kerri

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