Break free of embarrassing hot flushes, uncomfortable stubborn bodyfat, crippling anxiety and mood swings that affect your relationship.

It’s time for you to take back control!

Have you been to medical professionals and tried supplements with no results?

How about trying hormone therapy without success?

Are you waking up tired and suffering from poor sleep?

Do you feel your body shape is changing and your body fat is hard to shift?

Are you suffering with anxiety and mood swings?

Do you think your symptoms are impacting your relationships?

If the answer is “Yes!” then my Menopause Reset Challenge can change your life!

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Here’s why conventional menopause solutions are not working for women like you – there are too many confusing contradictions and trends!

 These other solutions don’t treat the root cause of why your body is suffering with symptoms in the first place.

My name is Steve Jennings and I’m a Holistic Health Coach with over 16 years in the Health, Wellness and  Fitness industries. I have a 95% record in helping women reverse menopause symptoms naturally.

The key to successfully reduce your menopause symptoms is to address five specific areas of your health:

  • A deep and restful sleep.
  • Eating the right foods.
  • Reducing your stress.
  • Implementing the correct exercise intensity for you.
  • Restoring gut function (digestion, absorption, elimination and gut flora).

If just one of these five issues isn’t working properly then you will end up frustrated and waste thousands of dollars imprisoned by your menopause symptoms.

The Menopause Reset Programme has a 95% success rate and noticeably reduces menopause symptoms within the first 14 days.

Have a look at these amazing results that women have achieved during 2020 in just a few weeks using my revolutionary programme.

The Menopause Reset Programme is specifically designed for females who are suffering unresolved menopausal symptoms despite following mainstream advice. If you are stuck, you don’t keep doing what you’re doing – you change and do something completely different!


During the challenge we will cover these five areas to reduce your menopause symptoms:

Stress Module

  • Learn why stress hormones will prevent weight loss and how to manage excess adrenaline that causes mood swings and hot flushes.
  • Identify your types of stress and triggers that could hold you back.
  • How to address stressful and unhappy relationships in order to burn fat and restore a balanced mood.
  • Learn what foods are increasing your stress and inflammation.

Healing Food Plan Module

  • What foods you really need to avoid to reduce Menopause issues.
  • Suggested ‘over the counter’ supplements to raise your liver function – essential to heal and boost your immune system.
  • Learn how much animal protein to eat each day (plant based meal plans also available).
  • Learn one simple hack that keeps your weight loss sustainable and when to use it.
  • Learn how often you need to weigh yourself and other factors that will stop you losing weight.
  • Follow an anti-Keto meal plan that costs approx. $15 to $17 per day.
  • Plant based options and family friendly options are available.

Exercise Module

  • Find out which level of exercise intensity is suitable for you based on your individual stress levels.
  • Access to over 300 home video workouts on my Facebook private group.
  • Optional bodyweight, dumbbell and kettle bell workouts.
  • Learn why some people exercise too much and how less exercise may reduce your menopause symptoms.

Gut Health Module

  • How to raise your digestive acids for better digestion and absorption.
  • Why elimination (bowel function) is one of the main keys to your success.
  • Learn the foods that raise the function of your liver and brain (despite what the health industry tells you).
  • Reverse issues such as gas, reflux, nasal congestion, bloating and IBS easily.
  • Potentially free yourself from medications for good.
  • Learn how to fight unproductive bacteria and viruses in your body that can cause menopause symptoms.

Healing Sleep Module

  • Learn what foods boost sleep hormones and switch off stress hormones in the evening.
  • Find out why sleep is the best fat burner – better than any exercise that you’re doing right now.
  • Sleep right through the night and feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Discover the number one effective sleep routine that has changed the lives of many of my clients.
  • Find out the exact system I used to reverse insomnia in an 81 year old without any medication.

The 42 Day Menopause Reset Programme will provide you with a simple daily routine to help you manage your menopause symptoms every day.

• An easy to follow, flexible meal plan to fit in with the family.
• A sustainable lifestyle plan that will help you break free from yoyo diets/trends and save you years of frustration and thousands of dollars.
• Weekly coaching to guide you through the process step by step.
• No expensive meal replacements or protein powders.
• Restore hormonal balance and boost your immune system.
• Control blood sugar levels and cravings.
• Restore deep restful sleep and increase your energy throughout the day.
• Achieve extra benefits such as reducing joint pain, clearing up gut issues or skin conditions and learn how to address the root cause of your stress.

Some women I have worked with have spent over $5000 trying to solve their menopause symptoms!

Don’t waste your money on ineffective solutions because my plan won’t cost you thousands to break free from your Menopause Symptoms.

All reset packages include 42 days of meal plans, grocery lists and recipes. They also include daily educational and motivational emails and an extensive programme manual.



Gold package


Includes seven ‘one on one’ personal coaching sessions with me. This is the best package for personalised coaching.

10 spots available


Silver package


Group Zoom sessions. Includes seven group zoom coaching sessions (one per week), held every Sunday at 6pm (Pacific/Auckland time).

10 spots available


Bronze package


Online programme (self-administered). Includes coaching videos clearly explaining how your programme works. You can also join in the first group Zoom session to help you get started on your plan and use the online group coaching forum for extra support.


If you are currently struggling with menopause symptoms don’t miss this opportunity to join my challenge with other women and conquer them!

The next Menopause Challenge starts:

Self Administered Programme

Suitable for people who are on a budget
$197 per programme
  • ✓  Meal Plans
  • ✓  Recipe eBooks
  • ✓  Grocery Lists
  • ✓  Daily Emails
  • ✓  Members Only Facebook Page

Weekly Group Sessions

Suitable if you thrive in a group situation
$347 per programme
  • ✓ Meal Plans
  • ✓ Recipe eBooks
  • ✓ Grocery Lists
  • ✓ Daily Emails
  • ✓ Members Only Facebook Page
  • ✓ Group Zoom Sessions

One-on-One Coaching

Best option for private coaching
$497 per programme
  • ✓ Meal Plans
  • ✓ Recipe eBooks
  • ✓ Grocery Lists
  • ✓ Daily Emails
  • ✓ Members Only Facebook Page
  • ✓ 7 One-on-One Sessions

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