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Jill had spent over $5000.00 and 10 years searching, trying to solve her menopause issues before joining my programme. This is her results just two weeks into using my breakthrough system.


“Hi Steve, my hot flushes during the night were more constant and all the time than intermittent. I’ve been putting up with this for about 10 years and spent about $5000.00 or more on seeking treatments that didn’t work. I just used to hear the same information over and over and over again with each professional that I spoke to, and I remember I would sit there and think – I’ve heard all this before and it hasn’t worked. I am amazed at how easy your plan has been to follow. I’ve lost almost 5kgs in two weeks, I’ve exercised less than ever, and my night flushes have reduced down to one to two times per night.”

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